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This book is a highly readable set of principles and actions which converts readily into increased performance and profits in your business.Alan Charlesworth, whose idea this book was, says: 'Entrepreneurs often face real obstacles when realising the potential of their business. Despite significant progress, it's often difficult to reach their ultimate goals.'He consulted with friends, colleagues, associates and clients to agree the key issues facing entrepreneurs and how to provide support for them. His mission was to provide a practical handbook to enable them to succeed and grow.The outcome was 'Entrepreneurs Succeed with Us' a book written by a team of practical, experienced business people to provide genuine value to entrepreneurs (especially those already established) who want to improve the performance of their business and achieve their long term goals of expansion or exit.Readers who will most benefit from Entrepreneurs Succeed with Us include Managing Directors, who may be frustrated with the lack of fulfillment of their dreams.
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About Us

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