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Creating high performance business, a book by Alan Charlesworth and Friends.
This book is a highly readable set of principles and actions, which will convert readily into increased performance and profits in your business.
My fellow authors (all respected colleagues and good friends) have been the primary inspiration in completing this book and I should like to thank each and every one for their total commitment to the project.
  • There are not enough hours in the day. You are dealing with symptoms rather than causes and have high levels of stress and persistent sleepless nights.Alan Charlesworth
  • You will have an empowered management team, and a well managed, engaged and supportive staff, all working towards a common Vision.Maurice Cheng
  • The mindset, attitude and skills that got you to where you are today may not take you to where you want to go.Suzanne Hazelton
  • Banks are not the only sources of funds and may not even be the best source for your needs.Peter Kelly
  • My approach is that if the client wants my thoughts (as distinct from legal advice) on a given set of business circumstances then to the extent that I can help I am delighted to do so.Toby Stroh
  • Marketing is useful shorthand for everything you do to generate revenue (and profit) in your business.Victoria Ash and Paul Griffith
  • How do you get technology to work for you and help achieve your objectives rather than being seen as just another cost to the business?Shakeeb Niazi
  • Once an owner decides to retire the business folds, as without the owner’s involvement there is little of value to sell on to provide a pension fund unless...Antony Doggwiler
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