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EU Cookie Law - What are Cookies?

Important Legal Notice - Cookies for entrepreneurssucceedwithus.com

Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer or device when you visit a website. Cookies are used by all websites, and have several different functions.

At a basic level cookies will:

  • Allow the site to work properly, and help keep it secure.
  • Help us understand how people use the website.
  • Make the site easier to use by remembering information that you've entered,
  • Improve your experience by showing you information that's relevant to you.

In summary, our cookies record a history of websites and actions taken, this information is then used personalise the website experience the next time you visit.

The types of cookies we use, they are divided into three categories:

1. Necessary cookies - These cookies let you navigate our websites and allow us to use all their features. Without them, you wouldn't be able to do things like use our forms. These cookies also help keep your session secure.

2. Performance cookies - These simply help us improve the way our website works. They tell us how visitors use each page, which ones are most commonly viewed, or whether any errors occurred.

3. Customisation cookies - These cookies store your personal settings such as font sizes, screen size, browser type, or remember basic information that you've entered, so next time you visit our website it's all there for you. For example, if you choose to ask us to remember your customer details for the enquiry or transaction, you won't have to enter it the next time you need it.

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