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Alan Charlesworth
Alan Charlesworth
Alan Charlesworth, CEO of Alakar Consulting Limited talks about the problems his clients face and the benefits of working with him to tackle business critical issues.''I help entrepreneurs whose business has plateaued.''Despite years of success profits are in decline and there are not enough hours in the day to cope with all your problems; this causes you high levels of stress and sleepless nights.But you have experienced setbacks before and come through them by virtue of your business expertise and the quality of your products and services, so why does it feel different this time?It's probably because you are uncertain of the causes of your business's decline and unsure of the best course of action to arrest it and re-establish growth. Inevitably this means you are losing faith in your ability to realise your dreams and achieve your ultimate goal of retirement through sale or flotation of the business.You feel that you need to regain your enthusiasm for the business and renew your confidence and belief in your ability to lead the company to a successful future.Working with me provides you with a full diagnosis of the fundamental issues facing your business and contributing to your sleepless nights. Arising from this and working in close conjunction with you the business owner and your management team, a project action plan and timetable is set in motion to put you back on the road to a growing and profitable business.I have worked on numerous projects of this nature including turnarounds, product launches, business growth and overcoming seemingly intractable problems.I believe the results can be attributed to three sources of expertise and experience1. Completion of multiple projects as an interim manager and consultant with a wide range of entrepreneurs' businesses2. CEO roles with SME companies including global superbrand Mintel.3. Employment with major corporations such as Johnson & JohnsonEvery client's business situation is treated on its merits and proposals are custom made to suit your needs and those of your company and the long term goals that we agree between us. There are no pre-determined solutions;If after an hour's discussion you are not convinced you want to work with me. That's fine; I know I will have enjoyed our discussion and we will both have learned about each other.If on the other hand you do think it's worthwhile moving a stage further I can draft a brief proposal for a short project, based on our initial discussion, which will clear the way for improving your business. There's no cost until you sign a contract. It's a hassle free process because we can only work together if we feel we can get good results. That's what I am known for.It's important to enjoy your business. I may be able to help you do that!For further information about my work with clients please visit my website below:

My website - www.alakarconsulting.com

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