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Chapter 3 - Developing your mindset
Chapter 3 - Developing your mindset
Developing your entrepreneurial mindsetOne of the key things that can hold a person back in achieving further business success is their mindset. As Henry Ford said "whether you think you can or think you can't you're right". Sadly, self-sabotaging thoughts can all too easily get in the way of you achieving your success.Mindset can become fixed if you think you already have all the answers. However, to advance through the different stages of business leadership, you will have to learn new and different skills at each stage. We will first explore the stages of leadership then examine the qualities and benefits of an open mindset. If you look for all the ways something won't work, you're sure to find them but in doing so you will begin to attract them. The antidote is to look for opportunities; not only will you be constantly on the lookout for opportunities, but your mind will be open and expecting to see them.Adopting a 'growth mindset', the opposite of a fixed mindset, often means learning and changing. Many people assume that learning is a switch - you either know something or you don't. However, there is a process of learning which when you're learning can be frustrating. Since many people quit at the first hurdle, if you persevere through the tough bits it will begin to set you apart and help you advance further and faster.We also examine the importance of having a long term vision and the setting and achieving of goals in order to achieve both personal and business results. Finally, the chapter will close by exploring why you should invest in positive emotions - and the personal and business benefits of ensuring you have a smile on your face.
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