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Chapter 6 - Marketing your business
Chapter 6 - Marketing your business
Marketing your business to the next levelYou are an established entrepreneur so you are obviously doing something right when it comes to marketing and business development, or you would have already gone under!The challenge we're looking at is how to grow your business to the next level. Where do you start, especially if you don't have a marketing background? With so many tactical activities on offer, how do you decide what's right for you and your business as it moves into the next phase of development? This chapter helps you change direction by focusing on just three issues that can be roughly summarised as Why, What, and Who.Why are you doing it - what's your firm's marketing mind-set and your long-term vision for your business? How you look at marketing makes the biggest difference to what results you get.What are the marketing decisions that will deliver return on investment? We'd like to share a tool we use to simplify all the tactical choices you will have to make. Do you need to do PR? What about Social Media marketing? Or maybe you need to research your clients more?Who is going to make it happen? How do you go about assembling a good marketing team?This is not a chapter on how to do basic marketing activities. If you want to move your marketing to the next level we'll show you that it's about rising above the "how do I do it?" challenges and having the mind-set to answer the Why, What and Who.Growing your business to the next level usually requires doing something different. That's why we've done three things in this chapter:• Shared the mindset of those running successful businesses. Continually asking yourself "why" bother with marketing - and coming back to how good marketing will make your business more valuable to a potential buyer;• Looked at decision making and shared a tool that you can use to make sure you've got focus in your marketing and are not getting distracted by the latest shiny thing;• Discussed assembling a team that will reliably get the marketing done for you.
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