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Chapter 7 - Make Technology Work for YOU
Chapter 7 - Make Technology Work for YOU
Making technology work for you and avoiding costly mistakesNow there's a challenge! Technology is often seen as an expensive burden, but with the right planning and application it can help you achieve your business objectives.For some businesses, technology has become an integral part of their success. Organisations such as banks and retailers, for example, rely almost entirely on technology for their efficient operation and give it due consideration in their business planning.Many other organisations, however, have found that ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) has been forced upon them and it has thus been adopted reluctantly, or on a piecemeal basis. This reactive approach means that the focus is on problem-solving rather than business objectives; which in turn means that business advantages which could be derived from things such as improved websites and search engine optimisation become an afterthought.This significantly inhibits the effectiveness of future investment and can force major upheavals in systems to bring them up to date; something that usually has to occur when these procedures are least expected or wanted.An integrated approach is vital to business success, and will lead to an improvement in both organisational processes and profits.
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