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Chapter 8 - Choose Your Exit Strategy
Chapter 8 - Choose Your Exit Strategy
A great business - what are you looking to do with it?When it comes to exiting a business there are two types of entrepreneur. The first is one who had deliberately set out to create their business with an exit in mind. They have probably already been through the process before and have crafted the business plan for their new enterprise based on an expected exit value in a fixed number of years' time. They will also probably have co-investors who have also involved themselves with the same end goal in mind. Therefore the business will be run with the exit in mind from day one.The second type of entrepreneur who looks to exit their business is often somebody who has created something that is successful by accident. That is not intended to be derogatory, as this person is obviously a talented and hard-working individual with good commercial business skills. However, when they started their business their motivation was to create a good business rather than secure the best exit from it.To a certain extent this chapter is targeted more at the second type above, somebody who knows that they have created a good business that has some value and who is making a good living from that business. However, they are equally conscious that they cannot go on forever and need to consider what is going to happen once they are no longer involved. More importantly they need to know how they can realise a sizeable cash sum to secure their future.
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